Tiger Portrait - GemPaint™ Kit
Tiger Portrait - GemPaint™ Kit
Tiger Portrait - GemPaint™ Kit

Tiger Portrait - GemPaint™ Kit

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GemPaint: the craft kits taking the world by storm.

  • Create gorgeous paintings using gems
  • Perfect for lasting memories with kids or relieving stress
  • Each kit comes with an adhesive canvas, and all the gems you'll ever need
  • Sugar & Cotton Exclusive: GemPaints are not available in stores
  • Free Worldwide Shipping + 100% Money Back Guarantee

How to Paint With Gems:

  1. Grab a gem using our GemPaints Gem Tool
  2. Place the gem onto our amazing sticky canvas, which is color-coded to make things easy for crafters of all ages
  3. Pick up another gem, and repeat the process!

When you're finished, you'll have created a gorgeous work of art that shines in the light!

The bigger the canvas, the better the painting. Larger canvases contain more gems, which improves the shimmering effect of the finished product substantially!

Extremely high demand: expect 2-4 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe).

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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